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Causes of Buildup and Blockage in Ears.

Posted by Mark Hagood, M.D. on

Some of the symptoms of earwax blockage include pain, reduced hearing, a ringing in the ear, a feeling of the ears being plugged and, in some cases, discharge.

A main cause of earwax blockage is attempting to clean the ear with a cotton-tipped swab or other object.  This ill-advised cleaning method simply pushes the wax deeper into the ear, obstructing the ear canal.

Hearing aid users are particularly susceptible to the buildup of excess earwax.  When hearing aids are inserted, they can push was deeper into the ear canal.  They can also hinder the normal draining process.  The over use of headsets and earplugs can have the same effect as hearing aids.

As we get older, a combination of the skin in the ear canal becoming drier and an increase in cilia, the hairs in the ear, which can also increase earwax buildup.

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